Gauze & Effect

Guaze and effect Adelaide Fringe 2016Georgie Carroll. Gluttony – The Speakeasy. 2 Mar 2016


My wife works in a busy Adelaide hospital, and while she’s not a nurse, most of her friends are. And in addition to being able to put away copious amounts of adult beverages, nurses seem to make fantastic story tellers. Probably because they have so many strange-yet-true stories that unravel as a part of their daily grind! So, it’s not really too surprising that a nurse has decided to collate a few said stories from her experience and wind them together into a riotous session of tales of poo, pus, vomit, frequent-flyer patients and nurse politics.


Laden with wry humour typical of Georgie’s UK heritage, the now-Aussie nurse has some real crackers to tell. With a decent contingent of nurses present in the audience, no doubt drawn in through morbid curiosity of what they know will be discussed, there’s plenty of banter and involvement. Even for those of us who are not nurses, Georgie does a great job weaving things together beautifully enough that you’ll never watch an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy the same way again!


It’s clever comedy, and I like it…


Luke Balzan


When: 2 to 14 Mar

Where: Gluttony – The Speakeasy


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