How Long is a Piece of String?

how long is a piece of string adelaide fringe 2023

Adelaide Fringe. Live Witness Theatre. The Yurt, Migration Museum. 12 Mar 2023



String theory (that physics theory thing).

This show is that, and more.


It’s all about the long/short reality of being a human. And that’s a lot of stuff and work to through and process - for both the audience and the performers - in an hour.

It works!!!


Seated in the round at The Yurt we are intrigued as a light box is unveiled. Strings of different sizes and thickness are taken from it. Ok. Show title, check, string.

It can and is made to do many things, including shapes defining and defying space and presence.

This play with string and the idea of string as stringing togetherness continues even though we haven’t worked it out yet.


The greatest gift of this piece of magic performance is rediscovering the sheer joy of meaning in disjointed syllables, blurted sad tales, life mistake stories, the invitation to warm remembrance. So much more is seen and experienced. It’s such a mind-awakening, socially and humanly conscious joy. Hold on to the string.


Director Keir Aitken delivers a wonderfully warm, engaging production which - in partnership with musician Max Garcia-Underwood - flows with brilliant, gentle and alive spirit. Aitken’s direction of his cast in physical work and space utilisation is utterly perfect.


This show is what you go to the Fringe for.


David O’Brien


When: 11 to 19 Mar

Where: The Yurt