Chicas Flamencas!

Chicas Flamencas Adelaide Fringe 2016Flamenco Areti. Nexus. 28 Feb 16


Chicas Flamencas! explodes onto the stage from the first minute and doesn’t let up until the end.


Areti Boyaci’s production has been going strong since 2014 and it’s easy to see why. The dancers are perfection; in precise rapid fire footwork, flawless poise and superbly measured in passionate expression of Flamenco. Adding to the strength of the production is the impressive Spanish singer Olayo Jimenez, leading the guitarists and serenading the dance with intense feeling and unsurpassed vigour.


Flamenco’s sheer power gets a rich work out from the strong female ensemble. They tackle a challenging blend of styles and traditional forms with singular ease, be it involving fan dance, with cane, or in solo performance, Boyaci herself with shawl. Power, vibrantly costumed beauty and unity are always to the forefront.


Reinforcing the production’s totally focused dance excellence is the rousing closing appearance of Fernando Mira, first famed for his work in Australia on the film Strictly Ballroom. Mira’s intense yet powerful, fluid technique executed with such seeming heartfelt ease proved a brilliant choice to close the show. Mira owned the stage with the same grace and authority as the dancers before him, making complete the sense that this production had given its fullest to the art of Flamenco in every way possible.


David O’Brien


When: 28 to 28 February

Where: Nexus Venue

Bookings: Closed