Science of Fiction: Doctor Who

The Science Exchange Auditorium (RiAus). 26 Feb 2012

This show is a total head buzz for Dr Who fanatics.  It takes the form of a panel show where three (real) scientists are quizzed by a David Tennant look-a-like compere about whether there is any basis in science for the things that happen in Dr Who, such as time travel or teleportation or....the monsters that plague the good doctor and seek to dominate the universe.

The explanations are at times laboured and are not in the same league as those offered up by the likes of Prof. Brian Cox in his popular TV series Wonders of the Universe, but hey, this is the Fringe!  Mostly the show bubbles along at a comfortable pace and comedian Rob Lloyd enthusiastically holds the whole thing together.

A fun part of this slickly produced event was the audience participation quiz questions, where we all recorded our votes on individual electronic key pads and the overall results were projected instantly on a large screen.  Of course many of the questions had absurd choices and the debate around them contributed to the humour.

Kym Clayton

When: Closed
Where: The Science Exchange Auditorium
Bookings: Closed