Marcel Lucont's Whine List

Marcel Luconts Whine List Adelaide Fringe 2018Due Bus Ltd. The Howling Owl. 8 Mar 2018


Not happy, Jan, that Monsieur Lucont started up 20 minutes late. Doesn't he realise there's a festival on, and people have other things to do? Lucont's laconic insouciance was perfectly aligned with his unapology, and he got the audience laughing at itself for mucking up the timetable. Well done! Or very rare for the comic to get away with it so easily.


I've seen this handsome French devil before in the Fringe and the Gaul with the gall is as funny as ever. This show relied heavily on participation and the whine list was provided by the audience before the show. Lucont had no trouble satirising whatever anybody said with such aplomb that you had to laugh. His fine singing voice was expressed in a risky, cringe-worthy song about love lace. Much humour was made of the British and Brexit.


While Lucont's laid-back style is precious, a critical breakthrough energy must still be attained, and he needed more wind, sun or gas on the evening of my attendance. Not more whine.


David Grybowski


3.5 stars


When: 6 to 17 Mar

Where: The Howling Owl


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