Dave Hughes

Thebarton Theatre

Dave Hughes leaped to fame on television shows such as the ABC’s now axed ‘The Glass house’ and regular spot on Channel 10 variety Show ROVE.

He has also starred in episodes of The Panel for the same network and for a short stint on Football TV in ‘Before the Game’ but although

Hughes commercial brand comedy was appealing to most of the 1800 strong crowd it seemed to have lost its edge. The Thebarton Theatre was bulging at the seams with hundreds of fans as they crammed in tighter than sardines in a can to witness the ‘Holden means a great deal to

Australians’ legend deliver his Australianised version of comic genius, but it seemed as though Hughesy has settled into the comedy a bit much. The difficulty with becoming such an nationally recognized icon is that audiences attend the performance with a high level of expectation and often that can lead to disappointment if that expectation is not met. However regardless of the opinions of the minority who failed to raise a smile let alone laugh throughout the performance, Hughes’ foul mouthed humor ruled, and the majority of the audience loved it! Enjoy Australia. 3 STARS

Paul Rodda