Make Deadshits History - Arts Theatre

The non-traditional theatre going audience really enjoyed Heath Franklins hilarious impersonation of Chopper, and complete with beer and … more beer, poured into the auditorium to listen to what this foul mouthed character had to say about making ‘dead shits history’. Franklin creates the perfect atmosphere for his character and the impersonation is spot on, audience members with the privilege of meeting the man after the show soon realise that the modest mannered man who portrays this cruel and exciting character is nothing like the man he creates.

Audience participation was a key successful component in this production, and the embarrassed audience members dragged up on stage were no-doubt grateful for the ‘Dutch courage’ they had swallowed in the foyer before the show, as Franklins Chopper cajoled and humiliated them for the audiences entertainment. The production featured a cutaway to a projector screen where Chopper had pre-recorded footage serving as an interval, segue and break for Franklin between ‘sets’. This show is and will continue to be a sellout so if you don’t want to miss it, be sure to book early! 4 STARS

Paul Rodda