Hot Mammas

Hot Mammas Adelaide fringe 2018Chrissie Brown & Liz Cahalan. La Boheme. 3 Mar 2018


Chrissie Brown and Liz Cahalan’s latest production is a very raw look at their own experiences with parenting, and childbirth. 


Both mothers to two year old toddlers, their tales have the parents in the audience nodding with understanding, wincing at the graphic detail, empathising as the girls lament, and sympathising with their experiences. 


Fair warning should be given to any would-be parents, and especially to those who may currently be pregnant with their first. This show might put you off the idea altogether.


They milk the routines for all it is worth and dine out on their love for Bonds trackies, wine, and maternity underwear. But it is all met with a good dose of humour and plenty of feminine empowerment.


More cabaret than burlesque, on the rare occasion the women do dance it is clear that parenthood has not stripped them of their sensuality or sexual appeal. 


But this show is more catharsis than revelation, and despite almost being cancelled due to the difficulties of juggling parenting, business, and performance, goes resolutely on. If for no other reason but to prove it is a story these women have earned the right to tell. 


It is unpolished, honest, oddly humorous, and in your face. A lot like the daily responsibilities of parenting.


Paul Rodda


3 stars


When: 3 to 11 Mar

Where: La Boheme