Love Letters To The Public Transport System

Love Letters Public Transport Fringe 2018Molly Taylor in association with Holden Street Theatres. Holden Street Theatres. 14 Feb 2018


I never really thought of thanking the driver when I leave a bus or tram of the public transport system until I visited Vancouver and heard the locals do it (Canadians are worldly renowned for their politeness) and my wife and I earnestly aped this courteous habit. Love Letters..., however, takes gratitude to a whole new level. And Molly Taylor makes a good case for gushing thankfulness in her self-presented show commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland, which premiered in the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012.


Molly told me that everything in the narrative is true. Molly meets her soul mate and is compelled to write love letters to her beau throughout her interstate tour. Giddy with love, Molly further muses that fickle chance alone cannot be responsible for the timely arrivals and departures that determine the course of her life - there must be someone to thank. When you put it that way, bus drivers are pretty bloody important. And even after love once again disappoints, she pursues the various public transportation agencies to contact the drivers who drove her destiny.


Molly wrote a picturesque and poetic script - in a low mood, she described that her "city became a cemetery of memories." Alternatively, she quickly soars with enthusiasm, bubbles over with love, and becomes giddy with gratefulness. Molly shows dogged determination and resilience in her quest, and wins us over to her thesis. There are inspiring messages: you didn't get to where you got without help, and the only ordinary people are the people you don't know.

Molly, thank you for reminding me of these things through your heartwarming journey and exceptional storytelling ability.


David Grybowski


4 stars


14 February 2018

When: 14 Feb to 1 Mar

Where: Holden Street Theatres


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