Theatre Reviews

The Circus – Australian TourThe Circus – Australian TourPaul Rodda

Weber Bros Entertainment. Bonython Park. 13 Aug 22.   The Big Top comes to Adelaide once more, [ ... ]

ArcadiaArcadiaSamela Harris

University of Adelaide Theatre Guild. Little Theatre. 13Aug 22   Sir Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia [ ... ]

Summer of the Seventeenth DollSummer of the Seventeenth DollDavid Grybowski

The Genesian Theatre Company. Genesian Theatre, Sydney. 13 Aug 2022   It’s widely acknowledged [ ... ]

HomeHomeDavid O'Brien

Patch Theatre/Restless Dance Theatre. The Space Theatre. 13 Aug 2022   Remember playtime when you [ ... ]

ChalkfaceChalkfaceSamela Harris

Dunstan Playhouse. State Theatre Company South Australian and Sydney Theatre Company. 9 Aug 2022   Post-covid [ ... ]

Too Much SunToo Much SunSamela Harris

Blue Sky Theatre. Domain Theatre. Marion Cultural Centre. 30 Jul 2022   Blue Sky Theatre company [ ... ]

Di and Viv and RoseDi and Viv and RoseDavid O'Brien

The Corseted Rabbits Collective. Rumpus. 16 Jul 2022   English actor/playwright Amelia Bullmore [ ... ]

And Then You Go – The Vali Myers ProjectAnd Then You Go – The Vali Myers ProjectDavid O'Brien

Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Victoria Falconer. The Space. 24 Jun 2022   Willingly living on the [ ... ]

Meow Meow's - PandemoniumMeow Meow's - PandemoniumKym Clayton

Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Her Majesty’s Theatre. 18 Jun 2022   Cabaret is an interesting [ ... ]

Louise Blackwell – Love On The Left BankLouise Blackwell – Love On The Left BankDavid O'Brien

 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Dunstan Playhouse. 17 Jun 2022   Louise Blackwell is a well known [ ... ]

The Funhouse - Paul McDermottThe Funhouse - Paul McDermottAlex Wheaton

Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Spiegeltent. 16 Jun 2022   Somewhere near the close of the last century [ ... ]

The Madness of George IIIThe Madness of George IIISamela Harris

The Adelaide Repertory Theatre. Arts Theatre. 16 Jun 2022   MGM has nothing on the cast of thousands [ ... ]

Cabaret Life DrawingCabaret Life DrawingSamela Harris

Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Spiegeltent. 11 Jun 2022   This is the oddest out-there show in the [ ... ]

30 Something30 SomethingSamela Harris

Adelaide Cabaret Festoval. Space Theatre. 11 Jun 2022   Turning back the clock to the good-old, [ ... ]

Something BigSomething BigDavid O'Brien

CRAM Collective. Rumpus. 3 Jun 2022   Something Big is an intensely sophisticated piece. Anna Barnes [ ... ]

RellaRellaArna Eyers-White

Windmill Theatre Co. Dunstan Playhouse. 28 May 2022   Don’t get invested in the title of [ ... ]

FrozenFrozenSamela Harris

Disney Theatre Productions. Festival Theatre. 29 May 2022   There’s no beating Disney. Big, [ ... ]

FestenFestenSamela Harris

Red Phoenix Theatre. Holden Street Theatres. 27 May 2022   Respect. If ever there was a difficult [ ... ]

SIX the MusicalSIX the MusicalSamela Harris

Her Majesty’s Theatre. Louise Withers, Michael Coppell & Linda Bewick in arrangement with Kenny [ ... ]

CathedralCathedralSamela Harris

State Theatre Company South Australia. Space Theatre. 10 May 2011   With a head brimming with anticipations [ ... ]

Hello Dolly!Hello Dolly!Samela Harris

Metropolitan Musical Theatre Co.of SA. Arts Theatre. 6 May 2022   Quick sticks.  Here’s [ ... ]

A Streetcar Named DesireA Streetcar Named DesireDavid O'Brien

Bakehouse Theatre. 27 Apr 2022   Poison riddled dreams, hope and reality are the sum of Tennessee [ ... ]

Tarantara! Tarantara!Tarantara! Tarantara!Samela Harris

Gilbert and Sullivan Society of SA. Arts Theatre. 28 Apr 2022   This G&S Season 2022 opener [ ... ]

ExposedExposedDavid O'Brien

Restless Dance Theatre. Space Theatre. 6 Apr 2022   Being exposed to harm unwitting, being smacked [ ... ]

Les MisérablesLes MisérablesDavid Grybowski

The Northern Light Theatre Company. Shedley Theatre. 1 April 2022   The waif Cosette has stared [ ... ]

Girl from the North CountryGirl from the North CountryDavid O'Brien

GWB Entertainment with Sydney Festival, Damian Hewitt & Trafalgar Entertainment Group, Runaway Entertainment, [ ... ]

ConstellationsConstellationsDavid O'Brien

Bakehouse Theatre. STARC Productions. 31 Mar 2022   Layer upon layer of paradoxes shape and infuse [ ... ]

Hans - A Night at the SYMPH-honey!Hans - A Night at the SYMPH-honey!Samela Harris

★★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Thebarton Theatre. 18 Mar 2022   Perchance there is no entertainer [ ... ]

Gary Mcallister: Irn BroGary Mcallister: Irn BroKym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. The Piglet at Gluttony. 18 Mar 2022   Gary McAllister hails from [ ... ]

John Robles - Gay As In Happy (And Homosexual)John Robles - Gay As In Happy (And Homosexual)Kym Clayton

Adelaide Fringe. Legends Bar. 18 Mar 2022   John Robles is certainly happy.  From [ ... ]

BrothersBrothersKym Clayton

★★★★1/2 Adelaide Fringe. The Studio at The Bakehouse Theatre. 14 Mar 2022   Brothers is [ ... ]

Bangarra Dance TheatreBangarra Dance TheatreArna Eyers-White

Adelaide Festival. Wudjang: Not the Past. 15 Mar 2022   As has become accepted practice, the show [ ... ]

UnperturbedUnperturbedKym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Bakehouse Theatre. 15 Mar 2022   Unperturbed is a well-executed [ ... ]

The Picture of Dorian GrayThe Picture of Dorian GrayArna Eyers-White

Adelaide Festival. Sydney Theatre Company. 14 Mar 2022   The empty stage, bar for a couple of camera [ ... ]

The 60 Four: In ConcertThe 60 Four: In ConcertSamela Harris

★★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Norwood Concert Hall. 13 Mar 2022   They just rocked the Norwood [ ... ]

It's Tonight! with Spanish Fuk-BoiIt's Tonight! with Spanish Fuk-BoiDavid Grybowski

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Josh Glanc, Oliver Coleman and Blake Everett. Arthur Artbar @ West Village. [ ... ]

WerewolvesWerewolvesDavid Grybowski

★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Interactive / Game show. Nick Phillips. The Laneway on Ebenezer Café-Bar. [ ... ]

NaomiNaomiDavid Grybowski

★★★★ Patrick Livesey. Holden Street Theatres. 11 Mar 2022   Patrick Livesey returns to [ ... ]

An Unseasonable Fall of SnowAn Unseasonable Fall of SnowKym Clayton

★★★ Adelaide Fringe. The Arch at Holden Street Theatres. 12 Mar 2022   An Unseasonable Fall [ ... ]

Karen From FinanceKaren From FinanceKym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. The Peacock at Gluttony. 12 Mar 2022   ‘Out of Office’ [ ... ]

Sex and Death_ and the InternetSex and Death_ and the InternetDavid Grybowski

Samara Hersch. Secret Location. 11 Mar 2022 This is an interactive and immersive theatre that can challenge [ ... ]

Venus in Fur by David IvesVenus in Fur by David IvesDavid Grybowski

Wil King. Holden Street Theatres. 10 Mar 2022 Venus in Fur by David Ives has won Bank [ ... ]

Sex and Death_ and the InternetSex and Death_ and the InternetSamela Harris

Adelaide Festival. Samara Hersch. Secret Locations. 11 Mar 2022   The critic’s role flies [ ... ]

Grant Busé: SentiMENTAL!Grant Busé: SentiMENTAL!Kym Clayton

Adelaide Fringe. The Kingfisher at Gluttony. 11 Mar 2022   This is a show that puts [ ... ]

Holy Bin AmoleyHoly Bin AmoleyAlex Wheaton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Art For Earthlings. The Vault, Garden of Unearthly Delights. 6 Mar 2022   This [ ... ]

24 Hour Political Party People24 Hour Political Party PeopleDavid Grybowski

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Hands Down Comedy. Gluttony – The Squeaker. 9 Mar 2022   A [ ... ]

SpinSpinDavid Grybowski

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. The and The Shovel. Gluttony – The May Wirth. 9 Mar [ ... ]

ICEHOUSE: Great Southern Land 2022ICEHOUSE: Great Southern Land 2022David Grybowski

In association with Live Nation. Village Green, Adelaide Oval. 8 Mar 2022 It’s beautiful in the [ ... ]

Music Reviews

Tragedy to TriumphTragedy to TriumphKym Clayton

Adelaide symphony orchestra. Symphony Series 6. Adelaide Town Hall. 12 Aug 2022   The sixth concert [ ... ]

SynthonySynthonyPaul Rodda

Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre. 5 Aug 2022   Synthony is back for 2022! It is the best of [ ... ]

A Winter’s JourneyA Winter’s JourneyKym Clayton

Musica Viva. The Adelaide Town Hall. 21 Jul 2022   Wow! Just wow! What an event! What a performance!   Musica [ ... ]

Symphony Series 4: SerenitySymphony Series 4: SerenityKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 24 Jun 2022   Serenity is the fourth concert [ ... ]

Lior & Domini: Animal in HidingLior & Domini: Animal in HidingKym Clayton

Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Dunstan Playhouse. 23 Jun 2022   What is the Cabaret Festival really [ ... ]

Paul Grabowsky & Andrea LamPaul Grabowsky & Andrea LamKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 15 Jun 2022   In this intriguing concert, classical pianist Andrea [ ... ]

Jayson Gillham in RecitalJayson Gillham in RecitalKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Elder Hall, University of Adelaide. 30 May 2022   Jayson Gillham is [ ... ]

JoyJoyKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. The Adelaide Town Hall. 28 May 2022   The third concert in the ASO’s [ ... ]

Symphony Series 2 - AffirmationSymphony Series 2 - AffirmationDavid Grybowski

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 13 May 2022   The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra [ ... ]

Dissenter EP launchDissenter EP launchDavid O'Brien

Anya Anastasia. 2 Apr 2022   Fans of Anya Anastasia - wild, intense, questioning cabaret theatre [ ... ]

Chineke! Chamber Ensemble: Program OneChineke! Chamber Ensemble: Program OneKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Adelaide Town Hall. 16 Mar 2022   The Chineke! Orchestra was founded in 2015 [ ... ]

Konstantin Shamray & Australian String QuartetKonstantin Shamray & Australian String QuartetKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Adelaide Town Hall. 8 Mar 2022   Famed Russian-born pianist Konstantin Shamray [ ... ]

After KreutzerAfter KreutzerKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Ayers House. 9 Mar 2022   Anna Goldsworthy and Andrew Haveron’s performance [ ... ]

Haydn’s Solar PoeticsHaydn’s Solar PoeticsKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Adelaide Town Hall. 5 Mar 2022   Haydn was commissioned by his royal patron [ ... ]

4 Greatest Classical B's - Bach & Beethoven & Brahms & Bartok4 Greatest Classical B's - Bach & Beethoven & Brah...Kym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Pilgrim Uniting Church. 23 Feb 2022   It’s a big call to name [ ... ]

Time & SpaceTime & SpaceKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Sanctuary series. Grainger Studio. 4 Feb 2022   We all naturally gravitate [ ... ]

Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Guy NobleTeddy Tahu Rhodes and Guy NobleDavid Grybowski

State Opera South Australia. Her Majesty’s Theatre. 19 Nov 2021   He walks on stage and you [ ... ]

Cameron Hill, Helen Ayres, Stephen King, Simon Cobcroft & Konstantin ShamrayCameron Hill, Helen Ayres, Stephen King, Simon Cob...Kym Clayton

Musica Viva Australia. Adelaide Town Hall. 22 Sep 2021   At the start of the second half of the [ ... ]

Nicolas Fleury, Emily Sun & Amir FaridNicolas Fleury, Emily Sun & Amir FaridKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 17 June 2021   Musica Viva’s latest national concert tour [ ... ]

Romantic TreasuresRomantic TreasuresKym Clayton

Kegelstatt Ensemble. Burnside Ballroom. 7 Jun 2021   It is a joy to hear live performances of seldomly [ ... ]

Bartok, Mendelssohn, FisherBartok, Mendelssohn, FisherKym Clayton

Australian String Quartet. Adelaide Town Hall. 24 May 2021   Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus [ ... ]

Konstantin Shamray & ANAM OrchestraKonstantin Shamray & ANAM OrchestraKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 13 May 2021   Musica Viva’s current touring program is a [ ... ]

Zevon – Accidentally Like A MartyrZevon – Accidentally Like A MartyrAlex Wheaton

Henry Wagons & The Martyrs. The Gov. 28 Apr 2021   I’m a bit bemused as to how one can [ ... ]

Diana Doherty and The Streeton TrioDiana Doherty and The Streeton TrioKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Musica Viva Australia. Adelaide Town Hall. 2 Mar 2021   Presented as part of [ ... ]

News & Opinion

Interview: Annette Tripodi & Ian Scobie on WOMADelaide 2022Interview: Annette Tripodi & Ian Scobie on WOMADel...Murray Bramwell

Back to the Park: WOMADelaide 2022 Returns to Full Strength.   Director Ian Scobie and Associate [ ... ]

Story: Artists Petition SA Government to increase Fringe FundingStory: Artists Petition SA Government to increase ...Administrator

An unprecedented groundswell of pressure has erupted from the direction Fringe artists, summoning [ ... ]

Interview: Balkan Ethno OrchestraInterview: Balkan Ethno OrchestraSamela Harris

Out of these difficult few years of negative, comes a resounding positive. It is the Balkan Ethno Orchestra [ ... ]

Russell Starke OAMRussell Starke OAMSamela Harris

Russell Starke OAM.   He was one of our own, an early member of the Adelaide Critics Circle and [ ... ]

Interview: Reb Fountain for Womadelaide 2022Interview: Reb Fountain for Womadelaide 2022Samela Harris

In itself, her name rings a sense of gentle beauty with firm resolve. And, in herself, so it very much [ ... ]

Interview: Kelly Vincent on UnSeen and disability advocacyInterview: Kelly Vincent on UnSeen and disability ...Samela Harris

Are disabled people “unseen” by the able-bodied? Kelly Vincent thinks so. Indeed, she [ ... ]

Interview: Anchuli Felicia King on White Pearl for OzAsia 2021Interview: Anchuli Felicia King on White Pearl for...Samela Harris

How seriously do we dare to take the promises of the cosmetics industry? And, what is beauty, anyway? Such [ ... ]

Story: Holden Street's innovation for Ed Fringe Award in 2021Story: Holden Street's innovation for Ed Fringe Aw...Samela Harris

In this dire time of pandemic  Adelaide’s Holden Street Theatres is making thrilling history [ ... ]

Wings 2 Fly Theatre Announce Further Scholarship SupportWings 2 Fly Theatre Announce Further Scholarship S...Paul Rodda

Local South Australian youth theatre company Wings2Fly Theatre have announced an extension to their scholarship [ ... ]

WOMADelaide 2021: Re-inventing for the PandemicWOMADelaide 2021: Re-inventing for the PandemicMurray Bramwell

Murray Bramwell talks with Artistic Director, Ian Scobie about the challenges of planning a music festival [ ... ]

Story: Claire Della and the Moon prepares to LaunchStory: Claire Della and the Moon prepares to Launc...Samela Harris

Move over Little Prince. Claire Della is coming to the sky.   She’s using a ladder and she [ ... ]

Story: COVID Theatre Sees S.A. Lead The WayStory: COVID Theatre Sees S.A. Lead The WaySamela Harris

South Australia leads the way - again.   From a world of confused, demoralised, and struggling [ ... ]

Story: Her Majesty's Theatre; Stunningly New, Resplendently VacantStory: Her Majesty's Theatre; Stunningly New, Resp...Samela Harris

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide’s new triumph of the arts, has been one of the great victims [ ... ]

Interview: Dave Brown; Patching the PaperBoatsInterview: Dave Brown; Patching the PaperBoatsSamela Harris

The man is indomitable. The only thing that Dave Brown may have failed at is retirement. He lasted about [ ... ]

Interview: Orang Orang Drumming up Crowds at Womadelaide 2020Interview: Orang Orang Drumming up Crowds at Womad...Samela Harris

As you let the fantastical throbbing of Orang Orang’s mighty drumming ensemble thrill your core [ ... ]

Interview: Gavin Robertson for Fringe 2020Interview: Gavin Robertson for Fringe 2020Samela Harris

Is it bravery or chutzpah that brings a flow of astonishing solo performers to our city each year? If [ ... ]

Interview: Nouvelle Vague opens AFC 2020 SeasonInterview: Nouvelle Vague opens AFC 2020 SeasonSamela Harris

There is nothing “vague” about Nouvelle Vague. Marc Collin, co-founder with Olivier Libaux [ ... ]

Interview: Train Lord Departing for the Adelaide FringeInterview: Train Lord Departing for the Adelaide F...Samela Harris

All life is fair game out there for the visiting wonderland of Fringe-Festival performers and no subject [ ... ]

Interview: Tale of a Dark MasterInterview: Tale of a Dark MasterSamela Harris

The Dark Master’s creative master is Kuro Tanino among whose claims to fame is that of being a prankster. [ ... ]

Interview: CONTACT with Kiah GossnerInterview: CONTACT with Kiah GossnerSamela Harris

Composer and Producer   Kiah Gossner is the new kid on the block in South Australian music. And [ ... ]

Interview: Shedding Light on Light at OzAsiaInterview: Shedding Light on Light at OzAsiaSamela Harris

Thomas Henning is braced for his OzAsia work to be contentious.   In collaboration with Malaysian [ ... ]

Interview: A View from SA’s HistoryInterview: A View from SA’s HistorySamela Harris

Words and reflections by Samela Harris.   So much changes and yet stays the same.  It was [ ... ]

Story: South Australia Pioneering with Festival SuccessesStory: South Australia Pioneering with Festival Su...Samela Harris

With eleven wildly successful festivals ratcheting up records for the state economy, Adelaide has taken [ ... ]

Interview: Julia Zemiro’s CabFest ArrivesInterview: Julia Zemiro’s CabFest ArrivesSamela Harris

It is out! At last. The Cabaret Festival program is public. We can start booking our seats. Phew. And [ ... ]

Interview: The Club that Leong BuiltInterview: The Club that Leong BuiltSamela Harris

State Theatre Company. 30 Mar 2019   The winds of change have blown a gale on the world of Aussie [ ... ]

Story: 35 Years Young and IndependentStory: 35 Years Young and IndependentPaul Rodda

With the alarming flight of time, suddenly a big birthday has come around for the Independent Theatre [ ... ]

Interview: Thrones! The musical Parody, it’s no Game!Interview: Thrones! The musical Parody, it’s no Ga...Paul Rodda

Presented by Spark Creative.   Now in its fifth year, and returning to the Adelaide Fringe for [ ... ]

Interview: Yohai Cohen QuintetInterview: Yohai Cohen QuintetSamela Harris

Last time Yohai Cohen was at WOMADelaide, he was just one voice in Ensemble Piyut, a large male Jewish [ ... ]

Interview: Derek Tickner Tinkers in TinkeringsInterview: Derek Tickner Tinkers in TinkeringsDavid Grybowski

Derek Tickner. Broadcast Bar.   Direct to Adelaide from his most recent engagement at the hip [ ... ]

Interview: Belperio Under The MicroscopeInterview: Belperio Under The MicroscopeKym Clayton

“Roll up one, and roll up all! // For an announcement I pronounce // Meant to amuse and inform! [ ... ]

Interview: Silkroad Ensemble for WOMADelaide 2019Interview: Silkroad Ensemble for WOMADelaide 2019Samela Harris

Deciding on what ingredients should constitute a concert performance is not unlike arranging a fine dinner [ ... ]

Story: Adelaide Cabaret Festival Announce Early ReleasesStory: Adelaide Cabaret Festival Announce Early Re...Paul Rodda

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival have announced a taste of their June 2019 programme with the release of [ ... ]

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