Theatre Reviews

Songs of Travel and Bush PoetrySongs of Travel and Bush PoetryKym Clayton

★★★ ½ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, Beulah Park. 5 Mar 2021   Presented [ ... ]

MedeaMedeaSamela Harris

Adelaide Festival. Streamed live from International Theatre Amsterdam to Her Majesty’s Theatre also [ ... ]

Something In The WaterSomething In The WaterArna Eyers-White

★★★ ½ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Scantily Glad Theatre. Black Box Theatre, Botanic Gardens. [ ... ]

Jon Bennett – Playing with MenJon Bennett – Playing with MenKym Clayton

★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Piglet (open-air) at Gluttony - Rymill Park. 3 Mar 2021   Jon [ ... ]

Dark Wind Blowing – The PlayDark Wind Blowing – The PlayKym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Holden Street Theatres - The Arch. 3 Mar 2021   Presented [ ... ]

StellarSphere – Full Dome Sound Bath ExperienceStellarSphere – Full Dome Sound Bath ExperienceKym Clayton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Adelaide Planetarium, UniSA. 28 Mar 2021   StellarSphere [ ... ]

Mary PoppinsMary PoppinsAlex Wheaton

★★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. Norwood Concert Hall. 28 Feb 2021   A two hour long children’s [ ... ]

FangirlsFangirlsSamela Harris

Adelaide Festival. Belvoir, Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival, in association with Australian Theatre [ ... ]

A German LifeA German LifeSamela Harris

Adelaide Fesival. Dunstan Playhouse. 27 Feb 2021   The great Sir Alec Guinness used to say that [ ... ]

RosehillRosehillKym Clayton

★★1/2 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios. 27 Feb 2021   Rosehill [ ... ]

MAN-BOMAN-BODavid Grybowski

★★★★★  Samuel Dugmore. The Mill – The Breakout. 27 Feb 2021   Man-bo rams [ ... ]

A Midsummer Night’s DreamA Midsummer Night’s DreamSamela Harris

Adelaide Festival. Festival Theatre. 26 Feb 2021   The last thing one would have expected of an [ ... ]

The Boy Who Talked to DogsThe Boy Who Talked to DogsSamela Harris

Adelaide Festival. World Premiere. Slingsby/State Theatre Company of SA. Thomas Edmonds Opera Studio, [ ... ]

Myrth + Music = MayhemMyrth + Music = MayhemDavid Grybowski

★★ Denzo, Ron-Diggity Dawg and Eric Tinker. The Jade. 24 Feb 2021   The Jade is a great venue. [ ... ]

Still Alive (and kicking)Still Alive (and kicking)Samela Harris

★★★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Gill Hicks. Black Box Theatre. 24 Feb 2021   If there [ ... ]

A Lunchtime MBAA Lunchtime MBASamela Harris

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Treasury 1860. 24 Feb 2021   Well, well, well. Suddenly, [ ... ]

Chopin’s Last TourChopin’s Last TourKym Clayton

★ ½ Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Garage International, Adelaide Town Hall. 22 Feb 2021   Chopin’s [ ... ]

Best of Kids FringeBest of Kids FringeAlex Wheaton

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe. The Octagon, Gluttony. 21 Feb 2021   A fast moving one hour show [ ... ]

The Reichstag Is BurningThe Reichstag Is BurningKym Clayton

★★★★★ World Première. Adelaide Fringe Festival. Black Box Theatre, Adelaide Botanic [ ... ]

Peter Goers in Joyful StrainsPeter Goers in Joyful StrainsSamela Harris

★★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Peter Goers. The Arch, Holden Street Theatres. 21 Feb 2021   ’Tis [ ... ]

The Man Who Wrote ShakespeareThe Man Who Wrote ShakespeareDavid Grybowski

★★ David Cronin. Star Theatres. 21 Feb 2021   Who killed Kennedy? Did man really land on the [ ... ]

Fawlty Towers: The Dining ExperienceFawlty Towers: The Dining ExperienceAlex Wheaton

★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. National Wine Centre. 19 Feb 2021   More than 40 years on, [ ... ]

The Anti-Experts Guide To The PandemicThe Anti-Experts Guide To The PandemicDavid Grybowski

★★★ The and The Shovel. The Viago, Gluttony, Rymill Park. 20 Feb 2021   The [ ... ]

Parlour GamesParlour GamesDavid Grybowski

★★★ The Green Guys Company. The Arch , Holden Street Theatres. 20 Feb 2021   The parlour [ ... ]

Great Detectives 2!Great Detectives 2!David Grybowski

★★★★ Preachrs Podcast Online & Onstage. Grayson’s Room, Mercure Grosvenor Hotel. 19 [ ... ]

Lost LivesLost LivesKym Clayton

★★1/2 Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Studio at Holden Street Theatres. 20 Feb 2021   Lost Lives [ ... ]

Pretending Things Are A CockPretending Things Are A CockKym Clayton

★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Piglet (open-air) at Gluttony - Rymill Park. 19 Feb 2021   Like [ ... ]

Sea WallSea WallKym Clayton

★★★ Adelaide Fringe Festival. Space Theatre. 18 Feb 2021   Sea Wall is a one man play written [ ... ]

The TwinsThe TwinsDavid Grybowski

★★★ Shark Island Institute and The Artslab Kangaroo Valley. Holden Street Theatres. 17 Feb 2021   Ian [ ... ]

That BoyThat BoyDavid Grybowski

★★★★★ Holden Street Theatres & Martha Lott. Holden Street Theatres. 17 Feb 2021   The [ ... ]

DiяtDiяtDavid Grybowski

★★★★★ Patrick Livesey. Holden Street Theatres. 17 Feb 2021   Producer Patrick Livesey [ ... ]

Twentieth CenturyTwentieth CenturySamela Harris

Therry Theatre. Arts Theatre. 11 Feb 2021   Emerging into the world of covid shutdown, Therry imposes [ ... ]

Summer of ‘69Summer of ‘69David Grybowski

David Gauci & Davine Productions. Star Theatre One. 5 Feb 2021   Producer, director and writer [ ... ]

Shrek, the MusicalShrek, the MusicalSamela Harris

Zest Theatre Group. Victor Harbor Town Hall. 30 Jan 2021   They’ve done it again. Zest has [ ... ]

Les MisérablesLes MisérablesKym Clayton

Adelaide Youth Theatre. Influencers Theatre. 16 Jan 2021.   Adelaide Youth Theatre’s (AYT) [ ... ]

SkylightSkylightSamela Harris

Verendus Theatre with Red Phoenix and Holden Street Theatres. The Studio, Holden Street Theatres. 14 Jan [ ... ]

One Man, Two GuvnorsOne Man, Two GuvnorsSamela Harris

Blue Sky Theatre and Open Gardens SA. In the Garden. Crozier Hill, Victor Harbor. 8 Jan 2021   All [ ... ]

Room on the BroomRoom on the BroomArna Eyers-White

CDP Kids. Dunstan Playhouse. 20 Dec 2020   Julia Donaldson’s books are familiar to most parents [ ... ]

The Bleeding TreeThe Bleeding TreeSamela Harris

Theatre Republic. Ngunyawayiti Theatre, Tandanya. 12 Dec 2020   There is no outside world. There [ ... ]

A Bright New BoiseA Bright New BoiseSamela Harris

Adelaide College of the Arts Acting, Design and Technical Students Stables Theatre, TAFE, Light Square. [ ... ]

The RivalsThe RivalsSamela Harris

Adelaide Repertory Theatre. Arts Theatre. 4 Dec 2020   It seems the old Rep is old no more. Throughout [ ... ]

RipcordRipcordSamela Harris

State Theatre Company of SA. Dunstan Playhouse 28 Nov 2020   Ripcord director Mitchell Butel stated [ ... ]

Same SameSame SameSamela Harris

No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability & Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, DADC (Singapore). Adelaide [ ... ]

The Odd CoupleThe Odd CoupleSamela Harris

Matt Byrne Media. Holden Street Theatres. 6 Nov 2020   What a tonic. Matt Byrne is giving us just [ ... ]

A Promenade of ShortsA Promenade of ShortsSamela Harris

Red Phoenix Theatre and Holden Street Theatres. 22 Oct 2020.   How to get a full audience when [ ... ]

Moana JuniorMoana JuniorArna Eyers-White

Adelaide Theatre Academy. Goodwood Institute Hall. Sea Cast. 7 Oct 2020   For this generation, [ ... ]

GaslightGaslightSamela Harris

State Theatre Company. Her Majesty’s Theatre. 8 Sep 2020   There's a delicious, loving [ ... ]

Virtual Theatre: The Mystic Dr DrakeVirtual Theatre: The Mystic Dr DrakeSamela Harris

Adelaide Repertory Theatre. The Mystic Dr Drake Radio Plays! A 3-part series. YouTube   Here comes [ ... ]

Music Reviews

Diana Doherty and The Streeton TrioDiana Doherty and The Streeton TrioKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Musica Viva Australia. Adelaide Town Hall. 2 Mar 2021   Presented as part of [ ... ]

Composer & Citizen 3Composer & Citizen 3Kym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Heath Quartet. Ukaria Cultural Centre. 9 Mar 2020.   The third and final concert [ ... ]

Composer and Citizen 2Composer and Citizen 2Kym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Heath Quartet. Ukaria Cultural Centre. 8 Mar 2020.   Composer and Citizen 2 [ ... ]

Hidden SecretsHidden SecretsKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Hill, Macfarlane, Dundas & Ludovico’s Band and Chorus. Ukaria Cultural Centre. [ ... ]

One Among ManyOne Among ManyKym Clayton

Adelaide Festival. Marwood, Valve & Cassomenos. Ukaria Cultural Centre. 8 Mar 2020.   The combination [ ... ]

Garrick OhlssonGarrick OhlssonKym Clayton

Musica Viva & Adelaide Festival. Adelaide Town Hall. 2 Mar 2020.   Garrick Ohlsson is an authoritative [ ... ]

A Tale of Two CitiesA Tale of Two CitiesKym Clayton

Selby and Friends. Elder Hall, University of Adelaide. 1 Mar 2020.   Selby and Friends concerts [ ... ]

Master Series 1: The Adventure BeginsMaster Series 1: The Adventure BeginsKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 8 Feb 2020   With its majestic and upbeat opening [ ... ]

Skride Piano QuartetSkride Piano QuartetKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 7 Nov 2019   The Skride Piano Quartet is a relatively new ensemble [ ... ]

Master Series 8: New WorldsMaster Series 8: New WorldsKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 27 Sep 2019   It is uncommon, even difficult, [ ... ]

Master Series 7: Idyllic VisionsMaster Series 7: Idyllic VisionsKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 6 Sep 2019   On a cold early spring evening, hearts [ ... ]

Heah, Roose & MansfieldHeah, Roose & MansfieldKym Clayton

Concerts @ Kent Town. Wesley Uniting Church, Kent Town. 14 Aug 2019   There is much to like about [ ... ]

The Choir Of King’s College, CambridgeThe Choir Of King’s College, CambridgeKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 22 Jul 2019   The famed Choir of King’s College, Cambridge [ ... ]

Master Series 5: Faith & BeautyMaster Series 5: Faith & BeautyKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 12 July 2019   The fifth Master Series concert [ ... ]

Thunder & LightningThunder & LightningKym Clayton

Adelaide Wind Orchestra. Concordia College. 6 Jul 2019   If a concert is successful, then part [ ... ]

Master Series 4: Winter FireMaster Series 4: Winter FireKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 28 Jun 2019   The fourth concert in the ASO’s [ ... ]

From The Mists Of TimeFrom The Mists Of TimeKym Clayton

Master Series 1. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 29 Mar 2019   Nicholas Carter, [ ... ]

Beethoven & ProkofievBeethoven & ProkofievKym Clayton

Australian Chamber Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 19 Mar 2019   In this particular tour, the Australian [ ... ]

Natalie Clein & Katya ApekishevaNatalie Clein & Katya ApekishevaKym Clayton

Musica Viva. Adelaide Town Hall. 7 Mar 2019   Natalie Clein (cello) and Katya Apekisheva (piano) [ ... ]

Haydn Winkelman SibeliusHaydn Winkelman SibeliusKym Clayton

Australian String Quartet. Adelaide Town Hall. 21 Feb 2019   The Australian String Quartet (ASQ) [ ... ]

Arvo Pärt & Js BachArvo Pärt & Js BachKym Clayton

Australian Chamber Orchestra. Adelaide Town Hall. 12 Feb 2019   Apart from displays of superb musicianship [ ... ]

The Flying Dutchman SessionsThe Flying Dutchman SessionsKym Clayton

Ensemble Galante. Adelaide Fringe Festival. La Bohème. 15 Feb 2019   What would a group [ ... ]

Season Opening GalaSeason Opening GalaKym Clayton

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Festival Theatre. 2 Feb 2019   If a gala concert is meant to be something [ ... ]

Northern LightsNorthern LightsKym Clayton

Intervarsity Choral Festival. St Peter’s Cathedral, North Adelaide. 19 Jan 2019   Singing [ ... ]

News & Opinion

WOMADelaide 2021: Re-inventing for the PandemicWOMADelaide 2021: Re-inventing for the PandemicMurray Bramwell

Murray Bramwell talks with Artistic Director, Ian Scobie about the challenges of planning a music festival [ ... ]

Story: Claire Della and the Moon prepares to LaunchStory: Claire Della and the Moon prepares to Launc...Samela Harris

Move over Little Prince. Claire Della is coming to the sky.   She’s using a ladder and she [ ... ]

Story: COVID Theatre Sees S.A. Lead The WayStory: COVID Theatre Sees S.A. Lead The WaySamela Harris

South Australia leads the way - again.   From a world of confused, demoralised, and struggling [ ... ]

Story: Her Majesty's Theatre; Stunningly New, Resplendently VacantStory: Her Majesty's Theatre; Stunningly New, Resp...Samela Harris

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide’s new triumph of the arts, has been one of the great victims [ ... ]

Interview: Dave Brown; Patching the PaperBoatsInterview: Dave Brown; Patching the PaperBoatsSamela Harris

The man is indomitable. The only thing that Dave Brown may have failed at is retirement. He lasted about [ ... ]

Interview: Orang Orang Drumming up Crowds at Womadelaide 2020Interview: Orang Orang Drumming up Crowds at Womad...Samela Harris

As you let the fantastical throbbing of Orang Orang’s mighty drumming ensemble thrill your core [ ... ]

Interview: Gavin Robertson for Fringe 2020Interview: Gavin Robertson for Fringe 2020Samela Harris

Is it bravery or chutzpah that brings a flow of astonishing solo performers to our city each year? If [ ... ]

Interview: Nouvelle Vague opens AFC 2020 SeasonInterview: Nouvelle Vague opens AFC 2020 SeasonSamela Harris

There is nothing “vague” about Nouvelle Vague. Marc Collin, co-founder with Olivier Libaux [ ... ]

Interview: Train Lord Departing for the Adelaide FringeInterview: Train Lord Departing for the Adelaide F...Samela Harris

All life is fair game out there for the visiting wonderland of Fringe-Festival performers and no subject [ ... ]

Interview: Tale of a Dark MasterInterview: Tale of a Dark MasterSamela Harris

The Dark Master’s creative master is Kuro Tanino among whose claims to fame is that of being a prankster. [ ... ]

Interview: CONTACT with Kiah GossnerInterview: CONTACT with Kiah GossnerSamela Harris

Composer and Producer   Kiah Gossner is the new kid on the block in South Australian music. And [ ... ]

Interview: Shedding Light on Light at OzAsiaInterview: Shedding Light on Light at OzAsiaSamela Harris

Thomas Henning is braced for his OzAsia work to be contentious.   In collaboration with Malaysian [ ... ]

Interview: A View from SA’s HistoryInterview: A View from SA’s HistorySamela Harris

Words and reflections by Samela Harris.   So much changes and yet stays the same.  It was [ ... ]

Story: South Australia Pioneering with Festival SuccessesStory: South Australia Pioneering with Festival Su...Samela Harris

With eleven wildly successful festivals ratcheting up records for the state economy, Adelaide has taken [ ... ]

Interview: Julia Zemiro’s CabFest ArrivesInterview: Julia Zemiro’s CabFest ArrivesSamela Harris

It is out! At last. The Cabaret Festival program is public. We can start booking our seats. Phew. And [ ... ]

Interview: The Club that Leong BuiltInterview: The Club that Leong BuiltSamela Harris

State Theatre Company. 30 Mar 2019   The winds of change have blown a gale on the world of Aussie [ ... ]

Story: 35 Years Young and IndependentStory: 35 Years Young and IndependentPaul Rodda

With the alarming flight of time, suddenly a big birthday has come around for the Independent Theatre [ ... ]

Interview: Thrones! The musical Parody, it’s no Game!Interview: Thrones! The musical Parody, it’s no Ga...Paul Rodda

Presented by Spark Creative.   Now in its fifth year, and returning to the Adelaide Fringe for [ ... ]

Interview: Yohai Cohen QuintetInterview: Yohai Cohen QuintetSamela Harris

Last time Yohai Cohen was at WOMADelaide, he was just one voice in Ensemble Piyut, a large male Jewish [ ... ]

Interview: Derek Tickner Tinkers in TinkeringsInterview: Derek Tickner Tinkers in TinkeringsDavid Grybowski

Derek Tickner. Broadcast Bar.   Direct to Adelaide from his most recent engagement at the hip [ ... ]

Interview: Belperio Under The MicroscopeInterview: Belperio Under The MicroscopeKym Clayton

“Roll up one, and roll up all! // For an announcement I pronounce // Meant to amuse and inform! [ ... ]

Interview: Silkroad Ensemble for WOMADelaide 2019Interview: Silkroad Ensemble for WOMADelaide 2019Samela Harris

Deciding on what ingredients should constitute a concert performance is not unlike arranging a fine dinner [ ... ]

Story: Adelaide Cabaret Festival Announce Early ReleasesStory: Adelaide Cabaret Festival Announce Early Re...Paul Rodda

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival have announced a taste of their June 2019 programme with the release of [ ... ]

Interview: Las Cafeteras for WOMAD 2019Interview: Las Cafeteras for WOMAD 2019Samela Harris

It’s funny the way things happen. Lives as travelling musicians were never a future envisaged by [ ... ]

Interview: Fatoumata Diawara for WOMAD 2019Interview: Fatoumata Diawara for WOMAD 2019Paul Rodda

Malian singer songwriter Fatoumata Diawara will once again grace Australia’s shores when she takes [ ... ]

Story: Lott Grounded at Holden StreetStory: Lott Grounded at Holden StreetDavid Grybowski

Holden Street Theatres. Holden Street Theatres – The Arch.   While all weapons present moral [ ... ]

Story: 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof  Story: 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof Paul Rodda

Chalk and cheese doesn’t begin to describe them. Steve Davis is a thorough man. He believes in [ ... ]

Story: #UsTwo PreviewStory: #UsTwo PreviewSamela Harris

Here comes the Fringe you have before you have a Fringe - or at least a piece of theatrical fun and games [ ... ]

Interivew: 24.One Takes Two with  24.TwoInterivew: 24.One Takes Two with 24.TwoSamela Harris

As if we don’t get thrills enough from the vitality of Adelaide theatre life, we’re now faced [ ... ]

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra: 2019 Season LaunchAdelaide Symphony Orchestra: 2019 Season LaunchKym Clayton

Adelaide Town Hall. 30 August 2018   This week the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – affectionately [ ... ]

Interview: House of Sand’s Welcome to the Bright WorldInterview: House of Sand’s Welcome to the Bright W...Samela Harris

It was back in the vivid Adelaide theatre days of the 1980s that the great Australian playwright Stephen [ ... ]

Interview: The Season, Country Arts on tourInterview: The Season, Country Arts on tourSamela Harris

Still, after all these years, most white Australians know pitifully little about Aboriginal culture. But, [ ... ]

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