SOAP – The Show

The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 19th Feb – 18th March

Markus Pabst’s circus genius returns to the Adelaide Fringe via his resurrected 2007 creation SOAP – The Show. Pabst is one of the kings of cabaret variety, having directed La Clique as well as many of his own highly successful shows.

Bringing together a cast of international performers, this acrobatic show is wrapped around the theme of soap - represented here as six bathtubs placed at varying levels on the stage, which become the platforms of their solo and ensemble acrobatics.

The show features many displays of great physical strength, artful gymnastics, and contemporary dance, as well as beautiful opera from singer Patricia Holtzmann.  Highlights included Adem Endris's insane juggling set and Fernando Dudka’s water set, heavily inspired by David O'mer's original 'Bath Boy' set from La Clique. François Gravel performed a spectacular trapeze finale.

The show's real hero however, was female clown Marie-Andrée Lemaire. Her incredibly funny characterisation provided not just laughs, but a much-needed common thread for the show.  Despite this, there was still something missing.  Overall, the performances need tightening up and the show lacked any real narrative or congruency.  

If you are planning to see this entertaining show, arrive early and pick your seat carefully. This is a great venue, but there are a number of dead spots on the sides where you will end up with a beam in your line of site, obscuring parts of the action.  If you score a non-bench seat at the front, you'll be more comfortable but expect the odd shower!

Nicole Russo


When: 21 Feb to 18 Mar. Selected Dates
Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights - The Vagabond