About Us


Darren is a passionate food enthusiast and self-taught cook, with his interest in food stemming back to a move to Melbourne in 1997 where the need to be self-sufficient meant cook or starve. It soon became apparent that a culinary flair, from years of watching his Mum and Nan, had flowed into his veins. Branching out into the multicultural dining venues of Melbourne, and incorporating his findings into home-grown recipes soon had friends commenting on his ability to create flavour sensations.

On return to Adelaide in 2002 Darren’s love of food and cooking quickly flourished into an obsession, with the Central Markets becoming a secondary home. His ability to invent and understand flavour combinations led Darren to develop a smorgasbord of eccentric and enticing recipes which culminated in a top 20 spot for Master Chef (Series 1) and a position in the Adelaide Top 4 couples for My Kitchen Rules (Series 1).

As well as food, Darren also has a passion for photography, and has had a few exhibitions of his work in Adelaide's SALA festival under the pseudonym “Dougal McFuzzlebutt”. Darren’s culinary explorations and recipe samplings can be found in his Facebook group, McFuzzlebutt’s Manchen (Man Kitchen).

Darren can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.