Sound & Fury’s ‘Hamlet & Juliet’

Sound  Furys Hamlet  JulietAdelaide Fringe. Gluttony – The Bally. 16 Feb 2014

Warning:  If you ARE NOT into Shakespeare, this show is just perfect for you.  For the price of a single ticket you get a very funny introduction to iambic pentameter and to no less that two of the Bard’s classic tragedies and it’s all mixed together into a highly improbable but oh so funny vaudevillian performance par excellence.  They enjoy bantering with the audience and ‘surprising’ each other with unrehearsed lines and antics.

Another warning:  If you ARE into Shakespeare, this show is even MORE perfect for you!  Test your wits and try to disentangle intertwining Shakespearean quotations from the two plays, from contemporary references to the sci-fi classic Total Recall and the never-ending TV series Game of Thrones.  Be delighted by the deliciousness of their very bad puns – they’re really very good.  (For you science geeks out there, the ‘Coriolanus Effect’ was my favourite!)

And one more:  There is NO gratuitous bad language to offend, so be warned.  This is intelligent comedy!

The perpetrators of all this nonsense are Sound & Fury.  They are three super bright, well-read and consummate comedians who hail from LA, and they have come up trumps with this latest mash-up of classic literature.  As usual they blend in local references to great effect and dish up a never-ending barrage of high and low humour, but it always stops short of crossing the line (despite what they might say!)

By the way, all performances of this fantastically inventive and absurdly funny production are at 11am, so make whatever arrangements you need to get to see this one.  You will not regret it.

Kym Clayton

When: 15 Feb to 2 Mar
Where: Gluttony – The Bally