The Teensey Top

Teensy Top Cabaret Festival 2019Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Nicci Wilks. QBE Cabaret Lounge. 20 Jun 2019


The smallest show in town. Brava Nicci Wilks.

This performer is not just the director and star of the show, she is the theatre itself.

She virtually wears the Teensey Top, a drape of crimson curtains hanging down around her from aloft like a plush umbrella. A miniature velvet curtain opens to reveal a tiny stage complete with elegant footlights. Nicci’s face is the backdrop. It looms huge in the darkness. Her voice in French accent prepares the one or two person full house audience for the highs and lows of the five-act, 7-minute show. It has death, dance and intrigue, music and fortune-telling.


Never has there been more intimate theatre. One breathes the same air, standing face to face, eye to eye with the performer in her little velvet world. It might be a micro show, but it has all the trimmings - including an intermission with gin and popcorn on offer. Nicci has a quick ciggie, very French. And back for the dramatic denouement of miniaturist mayhem. It is just a tiny wee treat, a festival folly, an ingenious and genuinely unique theatre experience, exquisitely wrought by a highly skilled and fearless performer.


Samela Harris


When: 20 to 22 Jun

Where: QBE Cabaret Lounge

Bookings: Free Event