A Day at the Zoo

A day at the zoo Adelaide Fringe 2019Music and Fun. Burnside Community Centre. 23 Feb 2019


This wonderful little show takes the audience on a lively musical adventure where we pack our bag, travel to the Zoo, and meet all the different animals that call it home. There is

lots of singing and dancing along the way, and the audience helps to save the day when a troublesome little monkey causes mayhem! 


Presented by Libby and Carla Philips, this show is a great example of how you can engage and entertain children with little more than song and an interactive story.  The minimalist set and cast are all that is required to keep their young audience on their feet, smiling, and participating throughout.


In a stroke of genius, this show is on at the Burnside Community Centre, which lets one bypass the hassle of getting small children to a city venue on time, and minus the heat stroke.


Best appreciated by the under-fives, A Day at the Zoo is a fun and stress-free opportunity to experience the joy of the Fringe with your pre-schoolers.


Nicole Russo


When: 16 Feb to 9 Mar

Where: Burnside Community Centre