Diva Sheila, The Eco Diva

Takin’ it to the Street


Kate Hosking. The Street Theatre. 8 Nov 2012

There are some people who just have a knack of being able to take the random musings that go on in their head and translate them into incredibly eloquent and profound offerings for the rest of us to reflect on – Kate Hosking is one of these people.

Channelling her life’s wisdom into her sassy alter ego ‘Diva Sheila’, Hosking utilises the many talents at her disposal to create a charming, somewhat eccentric, one-woman variety show that genuinely seeks to enlighten and probe the landscape of the soul.

As the title would suggest, it is reasonable to assume Diva Sheila to be one long eco-fascist rant about the state of the world. This is fortunately not the case; the theme is around the human condition more than anything, with vignettes of spoken word, observational comedy and story telling punctuated by an exemplary range of songs.

You could liken it to having a D&M with an old mate, where the conversation is free flowing, taking random and unexpected twists and turns as you both try to articulate and make sense of your inner world.

A highly intimate performance, Diva Sheila gets up close and personal with the audience; no props, no set design, no microphones and minimal lighting (by Kelly McGannon) - just her thoughts, a double bass and impressive vocal range.

Hosking’s choice of songs is eclectic, mixing both stunning original works and beautifully arranged and interpreted covers. Positively radiating a warm glow and possessing a poised but unpretentious stage magnetism, it was easy to be swept away in the moment as she crooned her way through the set.

Sheila Diva, Eco Diva is the epitome of open-mindedness, meaningfully covering a great deal of philosophical and ethical ground in the most concise way possible. Hosking guides us through life’s shades of grey with both keen wit and great depth, unleashing the possibilities in life you’ve probably just been too busy to explore in any great detail.

This production is both highly entertaining and sure to get some neurons fired up!

Deborah Hawke

When: Closed
Where: The Street Theatre, Canberra.
Bookings: Closed