Tim Freedman

Fireside Chat. Dunstan Playhouse. 20 Jun 2012

Tim Freedman entered most people’s field of view in the 90’s as the much-loved front man of Australian band The Whitlams.  As lead singer and keyboardist, he remained the driving force of the band through a number of line up changes since it’s inception in 1993.

On his third solo tour since the band commenced an extended and continuing hiatus in 2010, his minimalist one-man show graced the stages of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival to the delight of a still-solid Adelaide fan base.

The stripped back performance featured Freedman alternating between piano and keyboard, and comprised a wonderful snapshot of the best of his musical creativity both past and present.

Prefacing each song selection with a story of its inspiration or memories from the period during which it was written, he has created a wonderfully engaging and entertaining show.  It should please even a novice of the man’s music, but will particularly appeal to anyone familiar with the times and the tunes.

The varied and popular set list featured a good balance of newer material and a selection of the old stuff, including the iconic hits from his multi-ARIA award-winning Whitlams’ days such as No Aphrodisiac, I Make Hamburgers and Blow up the Pokies.

Still sporting a crisp and strong vocal that is unmistakably recognisable with or without a hit tune to wrap it around, he was charismatic, articulate and readily created a connection with the audience.  Appearing comfortable and at ease at his piano, he is well suited to the genre and recognised that cabaret is about more than just performing musically onstage.

All in all, a great show that sits comfortably within the Cabaret Festival line-up, something that can’t be said for all acts performing this year.

Nicole Russo

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Where: Dunstan Playhouse
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