Camille O’Sullivan - Feel

Festival Theatre. Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 14 Jun 2012

Fresh, maybe, from a six week long British tour, Camille said she wouldn’t miss the Adelaide Cabaret Festival for quids.  If you were expecting a night of Piaf, forget it.  Dressed as a sorcerer, the two opening numbers were of the rock variety but veined with chaos and cacophony.  Off came the red cape and out of the suitcase she pulled a rabbit.  The third number was front and centre and deep and meaningful.  Then she said, “Wake up, Adelaide!” a number of times which was partly required because I certainly wasn’t feeling any connection with her.  What does she want?  Playing dress up, these costume changes are taking way too long.

Then things changed.  Port of Amsterdam was a welcome friend in this eccentric catholic set.  Camille makes a song her own.  She acts out a song and performs its meaning.  Invests it with dramatic portent and laughs while she does it.  Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright was a creative arrangement of light and shadowing, crescendoing and diminuendoing – she takes you on a journey in a single phrase.  Ably accompanied by lead guitar, drums and keyboard, many songs were from the dark side and her final song before encore was a love affair with Nick Cave’s “Come sail your ships around me, and burn your bridges down.”  I love those words, too. 

In the end, it was over too quick and I realised I just can’t keep up with her mercurial nature.  She left the stage unmiked and disappeared like an apparition.  Sorcerer indeed.        

David Grybowski

When: 13 to 16 Jun
Where: Festival Theatre
Bookings: Closed