Eddie Perfect


Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Dunstan Playhouse. 8 Jun 2012

Flight of the Concords and Tim Minchin are names that come to mind when you see Eddie Perfect.

Performing his latest solo show ‘Misanthropology’, Perfect has an amazing singing voice, and great comic timing; but there is one thing which holds him apart from the aforementioned performers, and that is his unabashed ability to cross the line. Actually, to be more accurate Perfect danced all over the ‘line’ and after leaping clear over it was sure turned back and hurl some abuse at it too. When you’re not laughing at this fantastic show, you are almost definitely gasping or screwing your face up in horror at the ideas and stories Perfect tells.

The subject matter stretches from breast implants to parenthood via Kerry-Ann Kennerly and a brief sexual interlude with a handful of Australia’s most loved fauna. Perfect isn’t the least bit worried about the weak ties between his material either, kicking and lunging into his segues.

Musically, Perfect has great range and simply wonderful voice; narratively he is engaging and very entertaining; the hour long show just flies by and you guaranteed a belly ache from laughing so hard throughout. Playing only over this weekend with shows tonight and again tomorrow, this should not be missed if you are a musical comedy fan.

Paul Rodda

When: 9 and 10 Jun
Where:  The Dunstan Playhouse


Press Photography (by Prudence Upton)