Burlesque Beauties

The Rhino Room

Burlesque seems to have been reduced merely to striptease of late, and it is starting to become a place for audience loads of young men to check out half naked young women shaking it in a cabaret friendly venue.

This production of Burlesque Beauties has tried to combat that by bringing back some of the original comedic elements which made burlesque edgy, exciting and have recreated the variety show format – the show is divided into two; the comedy; and the tease.

The show is hosted by Dave Callan in either a stroke of genius or a big mistake.  Callan is hilarious, and for about 60% of the allotted show time he has the audience rolling in the aisles and in fits of laughter. He makes this production, especially when dancing along with the girls in the bigger numbers – but also shows up the entertainment value of strip routines dotted throughout.

The girls are beautiful and individually dance energetically, and very well. The show stars Lyra la Belle and Radha Leigh with guest appearances from Lolly Dolly and burlesque comedy stars. Lyra la Belle shows us why she was crowned Miss Burlesque Adelaide with cheeky and fun routines, but when dancing with Leigh, the syncopated routines , whilst being very pop and edgy, look under rehearsed when the girls get out of time with each other.

The audience got into the fun, wolf whistling and cheering along, but for a burlesque production this felt more like two shows roughly joined together, where the comedy shined and the strip stood in its shadow.

Paul Rodda

When: Closed
Where: Rhino Room
Bookings: Closed