Jane Austen is Dead

Bakehouse Theatre - Studio. 27 Feb 2012

Written and Performed by London-educated, Melbourne-based actor Mel Dodge, Jane Austen is Dead is a light-hearted dig at Jane Austen's men and how they've let the modern woman down.


Unlike the stoic heros and villians of the classic writer's novels, today's men are decidedly less predictable, less attractive and, most offensively, less prone to grandiose declarations of love.


How can an Austen-inspired, twentieth century woman possibly settle for this?


This endearing play is both funny and touching. The brilliantly written story takes us through 33-year-old Mary's loves and losses as she searches for her elusive Mr Darcy.  Many of the play's themes will be hilariously, and at times painfully, familiar to the ladies of the audience, while the men are sure to enjoy Dodge's hilarious impersonations and the re-telling of many a love disaster.


Dodge is a truly excellent actress.  One woman on a minimalist stage, she captures you from the outset and you genuinely connect with the character of Mary.


This show is highly recommended. You don't need to be an Austen devotee to get the jokes, there's a story in this play for everyone.


Nicole Russo

When: 27 Feb to 4 Mar
Where: The Bakehouse Theatre - Studio