The 3 Canadians

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The Garden of Unearthly Delights - The Palace. 25 Feb 2012

The idea of three funny Canadians at the Fringe is so entrenched from the original 1994 improvisation show and reprises that it’s not necessary to say who the 3 Canadians are in the Fringe guide to draw a sell-out crowd in the GUD on Saturday night.


I gave it a bell because I was born in Canada and I’ve attended several The 3 Canadians Fringe shows.  After all, Theatresports was invented in Calgary.  Brought to Adelaide by one of the original 3 Canadian's, Eric Amber, this show is billed as three comics for the price of one - hailing from the Great White North each does their shtick under brain-melting sweltering conditions.  Advertised as alternative humour, it’s the grist of Fringe comedy, but should not be confused with the original The 3 Canadians productions.


Common themes are the mysteries of mating and what women want – crossing the boundary into misogyny, “Man, is it hot here!” and many familiarities about what it is to be Canuck.  Byron Bertram sweated his way through the opening act focusing heaps on a couple of girls in the first row in amusing interchanges, and finding plenty funny in comparing the sheilas of Canada, the UK and Aus.  I wish him luck growing up.


Masamo, or something like that – I could find no information on him – is a Canadian-Italian who had a warmly humourous take on his Mum’s cooking and comfort.  But when he looked at his watch three times, I began to wonder what I was doing there.  Facing a Titanic moment, he brought out his shocker – necrophilia – which resulted on several walkouts on this by now sweaty mass of Masamo.


The rose between two thorns was Christophe Davidson of Montreal.  Looking more like Jesus of Montreal or some refugee from a film about the 60s, he did not perspire or talk about the heat.  He just got on with the job of being naturally funny.  Davidson’s like listening to a funny friend - unforced, charming, warm, relaxed and secure with a hint of danger.


Bertram and Davidson have their own shows this Fringe – Guilt Ridden Sociopath and The Time of Your Life respectively – that about sums them up.

David Grybowski

When: 27 Feb to 18 Mar
Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights - The Palace