Dallas Frasca. All My Love

New Single All My Love & National Launch Dates

Adapted from Media Release: All My Love is the first track to be lifted from Dallas Frasca’s forthcoming 2nd album “Sound Painter”. Recorded in New York with Australian producer Andy Baldwin (Bjork, Chrissie Amphlett, Living End, Kram, Cat Empire) at Rola Pola Studio’s in Brooklyn - See Clip below.

Recording next to the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn in a warehouse shared by the Jewish community, the band did the entire album with no click tracks for that true honest rock sound and the intent of being able to show they can perform it live. After 4 months of writing and rehearsals in Melbourne, Dallas, Jeff Curran (guitar) and Pete McDonald (drums) hit The Big Apple and tracking wise, smashed down eleven songs in 3 days. All guitars and drums and most vocals on the album were live takes with next to no over dubs and most songs were captured in their first or second takes. The entire record features no bass; just Dallas and Jeff dueling gargantuan slabs of riffs on 2 Les Paul’s through 1960’s Fender and Silvertone amps. The sixties permeates throughout in fact, all drums were 1960’s Slingerland and Ludwigs and the vocals were also all done though 1960’s mics.

In Frasca’s own words: “Recording in New York, we had to ride our pushies 7 km’s through Manhattan and across the WIlliamsburg Bridge every day, from our accomodation to the studio, and then back again at night. New York was spread out in front of us. That change of scene, from writing in Footscray, Melbourne in the middle of winter to then living in Soho, Manhattan in summer - was inspiring. It gave me, Jeff and Pete a chance to be anything we wanted to. You can hear the confidence on the record."

"All My Love was the first song that we wrote together, when it happened it was like a lightning bolt that inspired us and gave us the strength to push through as we wrote the rest of the album. Every song on the album has its own individual personality and sound and hence “Sound Painter” as a whole  is like a giant painting with all colours of the rainbow being used. It tells so many stories and yet it is obvious that the strokes across each one were from the same brush”

When it came to selecting the first single to be released from the album, the band threw it too public opinion, literally. Frasca explains:

“We held a listening party in Melbourne and played the entire album to 'fans and industry only' (around 250 people) which was received by roaring cheers and clapping after every song and a standing ovation at the end of the evening. Our producer even surprised us and flew out from NYC for the event! Afterwards we asked our captive audience to pick out the first single.”

And there you have it. Catch Dallas and co are launching All My Love nationally starting with Adelaide on the 11th of Feb. Dont miss it.

Sat Feb 11 -  Jive - Adelaide, SA

8pm tix -

w/ Poetikool Justice