Clair Hooper

A Few Small Things You Should Know About the Future

Ambassadors Hotel - Balcony Restaurant

Solar powered iPods, internet face transplants, recycled toilet paper and pooper scoopers - just a few of the topics likely to be covered in the 2010 fringe offering from Claire Hooper. Lots of this set made a lot of sense, but didn't get so many laughs. Her play by play storytelling of the recent events in her life was interesting, sometimes exciting, but unfortunately didn't have the audience rolling in the aisles, clutching at their sides.

Hooper’s laid back style was enjoyable to watch at times, and the well-loved comic kept the audience interested in her random, rampant narrative, later revving up the crowd with a rap inspired song, which she sung, and danced, at great pains to her own dignity. For Hooper fans, this production might feel a little short of her full capabilities, but overall it was an enjoyable evening of anecdotes and tales.

Paul Rodda