Big Tops & Tiny Tots Circus Show

Big Tops Tiny Tots Fringe 2020★★★★

Adelaide Fringe. Ukiyo, Gluttony. 16 Feb 2020


A one woman show from Luth Wolff, and this one is very much a kids and parents performance, suitable for (as it says) tots and children up to about 7 or 8.


Wolff is wonderfully engaging, bringing the children into the centre of attention, and carefully moving them back when they shuffle too far forward over the rope in their enthusiasm. That happened later when one young fella kept moving the rope forward to ‘prove’ he was still sitting behind it…


Beginning with a simple hat flip as a warm up for the crowd, Wolff turns it into a complete routine of its own; she is fun and friendly and know exactly what the kids want.


‘Big Tops Tiny Tots’ is educational too, she shows the basics of balance exercises, of the hula hoops and juggling, and riding a unicycle. The plate spinning is turned into a game of ‘know your fruits and veggies’ and becomes a mild lesson in eating healthily. Nothing too serious, and all the kids got completely involved in shouting out to warn her when a plate seemed in danger of toppling. Of course, none did so.


Can you skip a skipping rope on a unicycle? Wolff can, and after some instruction – the kids shouting out directions when she appeared not to be able to coordinate her movement – was hilarious.


Was there a highlight? Of course, seeing the kids so engrossed is a highlight. Our four year old grandson reckons the juggling routine was the best. By that he means the ‘oops I dropped it again’ slapstick part of the routine, which had the kids howling with laughter.


This one is a deserved hit with the kids and their parents.


Alex Wheaton


When: 16 Feb to 15 Mar

Where: Ukiyo, Gluttony (Rymill Park)


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