Gary Little: Scottish Club Classics

Gary Little Scottish Club Classics Adelaide Fringe 2018Ha Ha Comedy Pub Crawl with Scottish English & Irish Comedy Awards. Pig Tales at Gluttony. 7 Mar 2018


Gary Little is certainly not little. He is a big strapping bloke who hails from Glasgow, and his humour is uncompromisingly self-mocking. If you met him on a dimly lit street you’d probably fear for your safety and walk the other way, but in in front of an audience he is something else.


There is an ordinariness about him – he could be the guy who lives next door. He talks about ordinary things, but as quality comedians do, he sees the droll side of almost everything and you just have to laugh. This is in fact quite unsettling because you find yourself laughing at serious topics like depression and poverty, and laughing heartily at frivolous things like ‘spooning’ (and getting excited!) and dog walking!


Little’s style is anecdotal and conversational. He doesn’t try to make profound political statements, or, thankfully, gather cheap laughs by making fun of his audience or dragging them up on stage. He just holds a mirror up to us all and gets us to laugh - good honest laughing. It’s refreshing!


Kym Clayton


3.5 stars


When: 7 to 18 Mar

Where: Pig Tales at Gluttony


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