Dr Chris's Theory of Everything

Dr Chris theory of everything Adelaide fringe 2018Chris Lassig. Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar - Gate 1. 18 Feb 2018


This show should really be called Dr Chris's Theory of Nothing. Self-proclaimed physicist Dr Chris left the lab for the stage. Bringing along his white board and black pen, he attempts to explain a few of the big things in science but gets hopelessly sidetracked and accomplishes little more than I would expect from a dinner guest.


He's a sweet guy, a bit snobbish, but unschooled in voice and stagecraft. The best thing was a thought experiment of a cat in a box with two rolls of toilet paper to illustrate the perils of understanding quantum theory. And a string for string theory. Totally random thinking illustrated entropy including a plug for his next show, Manplosion, which I hope is better than this one.


David Grybowski


1 star and 2 black holes


When: 16 to 18 February

Where: Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar - Gate 1

Bookings: adelaidefringe.com.au

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