Anya Anastasia: Rogue Romantic

Anya Anastasia Rogue Romantic Fringe 2018Anya Anastasia. Spiegel Zelt at Gluttony. 17 Feb 2018


What a difference a year makes!


Anya Anastasia:Rogue Romantic is certainly not a redux production. In fact, it’s taken on an intensely rich, darker hue which contrasts the alluring sensuous comic madness this golden dressed chanteuse of love graces her audience with.


Her bitterness is deliciously manic, delivered with lusty femme fatale high notes of romance one wants more of. The coquettish play with the ‘special men’ in the audience she hones in on is as innocently wicked as it is curt and cruelly dismissive. Does the girl know what she wants? Is there something a little deeper here to consider as she seductively rails and weeps for that perfect lover? She intimates ever so subtlety that what makes things difficult is the things he said, the things she said, the things she felt, and the way she reacted.


With precision, Anastasia’s all female band glide from style to style as the mood shifts from svelte samba to romantic pop and more; what professionals they are - even psychoanalytically.


What a surprise to find the band head honcho and Anastasia engaged in a tremendous piano duo over the one keyboard, bouncing lyrics against each other as if a wee conscience was having its say about all this luuurve… maybe not luuurve business.


Here’s a magnificent example of an artist adding another level to a loved, popular work and pulling it off. If you loved it last year, you’ll love it more and believe me, think a little more.


David O’Brien


All the stars! (5)


When: 16 Feb to 13 Mar

Where: Gluttony, THE Spiegel Zelt


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