Courtney Act: The Girl from Oz

Courtney Act Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2017Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent. 17 Jun 2017


Drag, nationalism, popular culture nostalgia and politics; perfect Weimar cabaret period material for an era which seems to be going back to the future per those days, delivered with star dust laden show biz attitude blended perfectly with a strong undercurrent of ‘up yours!’

It’s Courtney Act dressed to the nines with a subtle yet obvious tilt to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.


Proud Aussie, Courtney relays tales of her journey to L.A., to learn, discover and understand what makes Trump’s America what is; to gift them with Aussie magic and celebrate Aussie culture. Not as easy as it looks. For that matter, Courtney doesn't let us off the hook either.


Kicking off with Olivia Newton John’s, Xanadu, and arriving on stage wearing sparkling red roller skates it is clear this show will take no prisoners - Australian or American.


There is feel good nostalgia as hits of the 80s such as Men At Work’s, Down Under is delivered along with a hilarious Sia sight gag, all mixed with a clear intention of exposing, with loving satire, the self-satisfied ease Australia with which views itself. This then coupled with condescending U.S. views of good ol’ Aussies.


In turn, Act enthusiastically relishes relaying confusion, surprise and, with a nothing-can-shock attitude, bizarre American tales.


A more vibrant, wickedly funny, and polished production one could not want for.

Musically it is no-holds-barred perfection. Courtney’s voice works the emotive and comic range of the song set impeccably, providing excellent transitions between sharp piss take satiric observations.


David O’Brien


When: 16 to 18 June

Where: Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent


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