Luke McGregor – Almost Fixed It

Luke McGregor Adelaide Fringe 2017Adelaide Fringe. The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Corona Theatre. 2 Mar 2017


Luke McGregor is a relative new-comer in terms of his career on the comedy circuit, and yet his comedic trajectory is something anyone would be proud of.


McGregor burst onto the scene in 2008 and his achievements since then include being a national finalist in Raw Comedy, winning Best Newcomer 2013 for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and appearances on television in series such as Rosehaven, The Time of Our Lives, Legally Brown and Utopia. He is also the creator of the six part documentary series Luke Warm Sex.


Needless to say this evening’s performance is completely sold out, and in true GoUD fashion we are all sandwiched into one of the not-so-cosy performance tents on offer. Venue qualms aside however, McGregor quickly has his audience in the palm of his hand.


McGregor endears himself to the audience with his nervous, awkward, anxious personality, captivating us in a way few other comedians can; one almost feels like giving the poor fella a hug.  Despite his clear insecurities – not put on as part of the act – he possesses the bravery to do what few others can; stand up and talk about his own life.

It is almost therapeutic; for him and for us! McGregor isn’t always rolling-in-the-aisles-funny with his stand-up; but he is always very interesting to listen to. A great storyteller.


This particular performance takes place in the Garden’s Corona Theatre, and the seats to the sides are definitely not the best. Unfortunately on a warmer-than-usual autumn evening the audience on our side of the auditorium has to contend with the rumbling of the air-con, combined with speakers focussed closer to centre, and low mic volumes. It is certainly hard to hear.

Despite this, the bulk of the audience are raucous and certainly seem to be having a good time. The one-hour set, over in the blink of an eye, leaves many hungry for more.


McGregor is a very funny man, and in particular where the events of his television shows are set up to highlight and accentuate his awkwardness. His stand-up, if nothing else, is a great night of storytelling with a few laughs thrown in for good measure, and a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment!


Paul Rodda


When: 3 to 5 Mar

Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Corona Theatre


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