My Life as a Gay Bum

My Life As A Gay Bum Adelaide Fringe 2016Presented by Nick42Berlin. Tuxedo cat – Cusack Theatre. 19 Feb 2016


If the Fringe was a curated event, this ‘show’ would never even be allowed to finish its audition.


What I thought was going to be a touching, possibly risqué story about one man’s coming out, instead turned out to be a smutty, feebly scripted, and poorly delivered disorganized array of pornographic stories that simply confirmed that the ‘actor’ is untalented and has a penchant for giving offense.


Forty-five minutes into this hellish experience, the ‘actor’ wandered over to where his long-suffering tech was sitting and mumbled whether there was time for another ‘story’. You could almost hear the audience collectively intone the words “Please God, No! Turn on the lights and let us out of here.”


Execrably bad.


Kym Clayton


When: 18 Feb – 1 Mar

Where: Tuxedo Cat – Cusack Theatre