King in Exile

King In Excile Adelaide Fringe 2015Nice Productions. Holden Street Theatres – The Studio. 15 Feb 2015


He's king or at least regal something from another planet which respects intellectual prowess. He's here in exile, having had an education at a downmarket state school.  He wanders onto the stage to tell the audience all about it. He seems like a nice chap. But there are others in this play.  Antagonist fronts up and questions his credentials. Three witches, shrieking crones in face paint who like to eat men, scream about the place with ill-intent. Then there is a strapping dominatrix and a submissive man who cowers, semi-nude on the floor. An Arab fellow who seems very needy. Oh, and the playwright writes himself into the action. He's needy, too. 


Is that all, I wonder?


Now, what was it about? The program notes describe it as a hard-hitting piece of theatre "designed to hit you, our dear royal audience, with a potato sack over your precious craniums",

That pretty much sums it up.


It didn't know what it was about. We didn't know what it was about. When the witches weren't yelling, the others were shouting. When people weren't shouting, we audience started nodding off. Just for something to do.


But there was a happy ending.  The king killed everyone.

Ah, yes, a truly forgettable piece of theatre. 


Samela Harris


When: 15 to 22 Feb

Where: The Bakehouse Theatre – The Studio


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