Album Review: Raised By Eagles – I Must Be Somewhere

Raised by Eagles I Must Be Somewhere Album

Raised by Eagles. ABC/Universal. 20 Jun 2017


I have to admit, I’d not really heard of Melbourne band Raised By Eagles until this album came across my desk. Admittedly, I tend to have pretty eclectic musical tastes, varying from metal to grunge to world music to jazz and blues, but once I’d given these guys a couple of listens, it was clear that they were deserving of my attention despite being a departure from my usual musical pursuits.


The band has won many accolades and has a couple of successful albums under their belts already, with their latest offering, I Must Be Somewhere, their first on a major label. It is sure to take them to new heights.


Often described as an ‘Americana’ band - which is really just a fancy way of saying they’re a folk band (what’s wrong with that label anyway?) - after giving I Must Be Somewhere a listen, it’s clear that there’s a lot more to these guys than just being a folk band. There’s certainly some strong Americana influences here, with clean vocal melodies, smooth guitar driving things along, and an acoustic, but there’s more depth here too, with a bit of blues, elements of country, and even melodic rock. There are times I’m reminded of a modern reincarnation of Things Of Stone and Wood, or a simpler take on Dave Matthews, and even a little bit of Creedence too.


It’s all very easy on the ears, and has loads of appeal regardless of a listener’s musical prejudices. I guess that’s a testament to the talent of these guys, being able to create a sense of appeal regardless of where you’re coming from. That puts I Must Be Somewhere in a very special place indeed!


Luke Balzan


Raised By Eagles is Luke Sinclair, Nick O’Mara, Luke Richardson, and Johnny Gibson.
Track Listing:
1. Shape & Line
2. Every Night
3. I Must Be Somewhere
4. Nowhere (You Wanna Run)
5. Heartbreaker
6. Night Wheels
7. Every Day, Every Day
8. Dreamer
9. Gold Rush Blues
10. By Now

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