Crazy for You

Therry Dramatic Society. Arts Theatre - 2 to 11 June

Based on the Gershwin Brothers’ 1930 musical Girl Crazy, the Tony Award winning Crazy for You is a high-energy show packed with song, dance, comedy, love and of course, theatre.  Borrowing its soundtrack from an array of earlier productions, including A Damsel In Distress , Shall We Dance and Treasure Girl, the musical numbers are familiar and much loved.

Brady Lloyd and Fiona DeLaine are superbly cast in the key roles of Bobby Child and Polly Baker. They make a wonderful pair onstage, well matched physically and in talent.

Lloyd fulfils the hapless and fettered Bobby with comedic brilliance, owning a role that should see him emerge with a master’s degree in pun-ery.  He unveils a wonderful voice that just needs a bit more strength when belting out the jauntier numbers.

DeLaine’s Polly is strong yet feminine.  Her characterisation effectively portrays Polly’s staunch independence and longing for love.  As a performer, DeLaine hits all the marks and the quality and strength of her voice is on display in the solo number Someone To Watch Over Me.

The Follies chorus are fantastic: sexy, sassy and well synchronised.  All display great vocal and movement range.  Gemma Freeman stands out as Patsy, the dimmest light bulb in the dancing pack but gorgeously cute and well meaning.  Freeman plays the role with hilarious execution and perfect timing.

The cowboy trio of Jamie Richards, Lindsay Prodea and Chris Standsfield are brilliantly funny, having mastered their slapstick comedy routines by the second night in.  One’s focus was often distracted from the main event as you were absorbed by their priceless “dumb as two bricks” facial expressions and physicality.

It was a wonderful group effort; everyone looked like they were having fun and the energy and camaraderie amongst the cast shone through their performance and into the audience.  Peals of laughter and enjoyment rippled across the rows, with much appreciative clapping at the endless word plays and groans of delight at the “dad” style jokes.

Particular congratulations must go to the production team.  The set design and scenic artistry of Craig Williams and Brian Budgen was excellent.  Comprising several large, moving pieces, the set was astonishingly professional and well crafted.  Despite the sizable propositions, it was never conspicuous or awkward, with quick and smooth transitions between scenes.

Sandra Davis’ costuming was of an equally high standard, in particular the coordinated outfitting of the Follies.  The girls always looked glamorous and in period. Linda William’s choreography was tight and so much fun to watch, you could only imagine how much fun the cast had performing it.  The orchestra hit every note, completing this professional-level production with a quality performance.

One could go on and on, but in short this show carries no fat.  At the risk of sounding excessive, everything is done well.  If you’re looking for some solid, five-star entertainment to warm up your chilly June night, this is it. You’d be crazy to miss it!

Nicole Russo

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